Breakfast Fritata ~ Banting


4 Eggs
½ cup Double Cream
4 pieces Bacon
1 Courgette
½ Onion
½ tsp Crushed Garlic
1 Avocado
Salt & Pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 180C. Chop up the onion and bacon into small pieces and fry in butter with the garlic. Cut the courgette into round slices and add to the bacon and onion. Whisk the eggs and cream together and add to the pan once the courgettes are cooked. Cook on a slow heat until the egg mixture starts to set in the pan. Grate the cheddar and spread it on top of the egg, then grill in the oven until the cheese starts to bubble and go brown Slice the avocado and put on top before eating. It can be eaten hot or cold for breakfast.

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