Chelsea Buns (makes 12)

500 g flour                              
30 ml baking powder
80 g butter (dough)                  
2 eggs
40 g butter (melted)                 
100 g raisins/saltanas
150 ml milk                               
80 g brown sugar
15 ml cinnamon                         
pinch of salt
extra milk for brushing
Honey glaze:
60 ml honey                              
40 g butter
30 g brown sugar
1.        Pre-heat oven to 200*C (400*F).
2.       Grease a 20cm cake tin.
3.       Sieve the flour & baking powder.
4.       Rub the 80 g of butter into flour, until  mixture resemble crumbs.
5.       Beat eggs, milk & add to dry ingredients.
6.       Mix to form a fairly stiff dough, but soft.
7.       Press dough into oblong shape, 20 cm X 50 cm on a floured board.
8.       Melt the 40 g butter and brush dough liberally with it.
9.       Mix the cinnamon & brown sugar, sprinkle over dough.
10.    Sprinkle raisins/sultanas over the dough as well.
11.     Roll up dough tightly (down longer side) & cut into 12 equal pieces.
12.    Pack the pieces into the cake tin, brush with a little milk.
13.    Bake for 20-25 minutes. In the centre of oven, until well risen.
14.    Melt all glaze ingredients together.
15.    When buns done, remove from the oven & brush hot buns with the glaze.