Flippen Lekka Chcken burgers


500g Chicken Mince
20ml FlippenLekkaSpice
2 Eggs
2 Garlic cloves crushed
1 red Onion fineley chopped
3 tbsp chopped chives
1 cup breadcrumbs
Oil for frying
3 tbspn sweet chilli sauce
1 tsp balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 180 C. Put the mince in a mixing bowl, add spices and mix° with the eggs, garlic, chopped onion, chives and breadcrumbs. Mix together and shape into small burger patties. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the burgers for 3-4 minutes on each side, until the top and bottom are golden and sealed. The middle may still be a little pink at this stage. Arrange on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Combine the sweet chilli and balsamic vinegar in a small bowl, and brush the mixture over the burgers as soon as they come out of the oven


Braai Marinade

The Yellowcap.com
Makes 1 cup. (enough for 4 portions)

1 cup All Gold Tomato Sauce
50ml Worcestershire Sauce
50ml Mrs Balls Original Chutney
1 tsp Aromat
1 tsp Vinegar (white or brown)
1 Can Stoney Ginger Beer
Salt and pepper to taste

Whisk all ingredients together. Marinade your meat for 3-4 hrs before you braai. This recipe is great on chicken, ribs, lamb or steak!
*** You can add 2 sprigs of thyme or rosemary to the ingredients as well.

*** In stead of Stoney Ginger beer, you can use the following as well 1 can of Fanta Orange if you are using chicken. 1 can of Coke if you are looking for a sweeter taste. 1 can of Dry Lemon if you are using pork chops.


Pesto Chicken Casserole with Feta Cheese and Olives ~LCHF


4 servings
700 g chicken, thighs or breast
100 g red or green pesto
400 ml cream
½ cup (120 ml) pitted olives, black or green
225 g feta cheese, diced
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
Salt and pepper
Butter for frying

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Cut the chicken thighs or filets into pieces. Season with salt and pepper and fry in butter until golden brown. Mix pesto and heavy cream in a bowl. Place the fried chicken pieces in a baking dish together with olives, feta cheese and garlic. Add the pesto mix. Bake in oven for 20-30 minutes, until the dish has turned a nice color. Serve with baby spinach or other leafy greens tossed with generous amounts of olive oil and a little salt.



Rika Theron
6 portions

6 chicken breasts
250 g rice
6 rashers of bacon, diced
100 g mushrooms, sliced
1 large onion, chopped
900 ml hot chicken stock
150 g frozen peas, thawed
oil for frying
salt & pepper.

Heat oil in a large heavy pan and fry bacon and mushrooms until lightly browned.  Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside.  Sauté the onion in the pan juices until soft;  add a little more oil, if necessary, and brown the chicken pieces thoroughly on all sides.  Add rice to the chicken and onion mixture and stir for 1 minute until well coated.  Pour on two thirds of the stock, cover and simmer for 30 minutes.  Stir occasionally and add a little more stock as required.  Add the peas, bacon and mushrooms and cook 10 – 15 minutes more.  Season to taste and arrange on a heated serving dish.




Rika Theron
4 portions

Ingredients:  3 large chicken breasts
1 can lychees
1 red pepper
6 spring onions
45 ml oil
125 ml water
salt & pepper
2 chicken stock cubes
45 ml tomato sauce
5 ml sugar
5 ml cornflour
10 ml water.

Cut each chicken breast in half lengthwise.  Cut each half into 3 pieces.  Chop spring onions into 5 cm lengths.  Remove seeds from red pepper and dice.  Coat chicken with cornflour.  Shake of excess and heat oil in pan and cook pieces until golden brown.  Add red pepper and spring onion.  Cook, stirring for 1 minute.  Add water, crumbled stock cubes, tomato sauce, sugar, salt and pepper.  Add drained lychees.  Mix well and cover.  Simmer until chicken is tender – about 5 minutes.  Mix extra cornflour with water to smooth paste.  Add to mixture and stir until boiling.  Serve.




3 chicken breasts
½ cup coconut flour
Salt & pepper
Coconut oil; for frying
1 onion; minced
2 garlic cloves; minced
2 green peppers; diced
2 tbsp. (30 ml) curry powder
1 tin (425 g) tomatoes
1 tin (400 ml) coconut cream
1 tbsp. (15 ml) hot pepper sauce
For the cauliflower crumble:
1 packet (300 g) shredded cauliflower (about 1 large head)
Small handful fresh coriander leaves; chopped
1 tsp. (5 ml) cumin seeds
Juice of ½ a lime
Salt & pepper; to season
1 tbsp. (15 ml) coconut oil

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Cut the chicken breasts into strips. Season the coconut flour with salt and pepper, then dust the chicken strips. In a heavy-based pan over moderate to high heat, fry the strips until golden. Remove and set aside. Add the onions, garlic and pepper to the pan and fry until soft. Stir through the curry powder and fry for a further 30 sec. combine the chicken with the curried onion mixture. Place in an ovenproof dish. In a saucepan over moderate heat, combine the tomatoes, coconut cream and pepper sauce. Cook until heated through. Pour the sauce over the chicken strips. Bake for 45 min. or until cooked through and bubbling. To make the cauliflower crumble, fry the cauliflower in the coconut oil, stirring often to prevent burning. Add the coriander, cumin seeds and lime juice. Season. Stir to combine and cook until it just starts browning on the edges. Serve the curry chicken on a bed of cauliflower rice.


Beer Can Chicken, Bier blik hoender (of gebruik Coke)

Ek is al lankal lus om die resep te probeer.
Ek het uiteindelik en dit was heerlik en sappig.
Ek het die hoender in die Cobb braaier gaargemaak.
Maar hy kan op enige ander braaier (verkieslik met n deksel) gaargemaak word of selfs in die oond.
Bedek die hoender en hele pan met foelie indien jy dit in die oond doen.

een heel hoender
6 medium aartappels
halwe blikkie bier of coke

Die speserye en geure is na smaak:
Maar hier is wat ek gebruik het:
Ongeveer 200ml olyf olie.
5ml gerookte sout flokkies
4ml naeltjies
22ml Ina Paarman Hoender speserye
15ml gegeurde gemengde kruie (Robertsons)
5ml knoffel vlokkies
meng goed en laat staan vir die geure om trek.

Skil 6 medium aartappels.
Plaas dit in  zip lock sakkie saam met ongeveer 80ml olyfolie en 10ml sout vlokkies.
Meng en rol dat al die aartappels bedek is met die olie laag in die sakkie.

As die vuur/hitte gereed is plaas die halwe  bier in die houer

Bier blik hoender houer

Smeer die hoender met die olyf mengsel.
Maak seker dit is n lekker dik mengsel dan loop dit nie net af nie.
Plaas hoender oor die blikkie/staander en draai foelie om die vlerkies en om die boudtjies se punte
Plaas dit in foelie bord bv n tert bord.
Draai die aartappels elkeen apart in foelie toe en plaas om die hoender.
Sit in jou braaier en maak die deksel toe.
Myne het ongeveer 2 ure geneem om gaar te word.

MY hoender het ongeveer 2 ure geneem om gaar te word, saam met die lekker gebakte aartappels

Waarna ek net die boudtjiesafgesny het en teruggeplaas het in die biersous
Die hoender het ek met foelie bedek en saam met die aartappels warm gehou op 90 grade.
Ek het gevriesde oven bake groente saam met die boudtjies gesit en daar was n heerlike ete gaar met min skottelgoed.

*My bier blikkie was te hoog. Ek het die bier oorgegooi in n kleiner koeldrank blikkie (Tonic water)

Solank jou braaier se hitte egalig bly behoort enige braaier te werk



Rika Theron

45 g butter or margarine,
1 onion, chopped,
1 carrot, peeled and chopped,
10 ml mixed dried herbs,
salt & pepper,
1,5 kg whole chicken, cooked, deboned and cubed,
250 g frozen mixed vegetables,
1/4 cup cake flour,
125 ml milk,
125 ml sour cream,
410 g can whole kernel corn.
Ingredients Corn crust
25 g butter or margarine,
2 eggs beaten,
1 1/3 cup cake flour,
10 ml baking powder,
1 ml salt,
100 ml milk.

Melt 15 g of butter.  Add the onion, carrot, herbs, salt & pepper.  Cook to soften.  Add the chicken and vegetables.  Make a white sauce using the remaining butter, cake flour and milk.  Add the sour cream.  Combine with the chicken mixture.  Drain the corn kernels, stir 150 g into the sauce.  Cool.  Spoon the filling into a pie dish.

Method Corn Crust
Cream together the butter and eggs.  Fold in the sifted dry ingredients, together with the remaining corn kernels and enough milk to give a soft, dropping consistency (or use the canned juice form the corn).  Spoon over the chicken mixture.  Bake in a preheated oven, 220°C, until golden brown, about 20 – 25 minutes.

Method Microwave
Microwave on 70% power for 10 – 12 minutes.  Place under a pre-heated grill to brown.  Serve with fresh vegetables.



Jan Braai

Chicken tikka masala is one of the most famous meals to come from a tandoori oven, which is a cylindrical clay oven heated by a fire, almost like a braai. Tikka means ‘pieces’ but chicken tikka refers to a specific meal of chicken pieces marinated in a masala spice and yoghurt, skewered and cooked in a tandoori (or, in this case, braaied). Chicken tikka masala is one of my all-time favourite curries – and sure to be one of your’s once you’ve nailed this recipe.

WHAT YOU NEED (feeds 4)

The chicken:

  • 600 g deboned, skinless chicken meat (a pack of 4 chicken breasts)
  • 1 cup plain yoghurt
  • 2 tots chicken tikka masala spice (or tandoori masala or any good masala mix that is red in colour that you can find at your local spice market)
  • 1 tot lemon juice
  • about 6 skewers

The sauce:

  • 1 tot garlic
  • 1 tot ginger
  • oil or butter
  • 400 g can tomato purée (or chopped tomatoes)
  • 2–3 tots tomato paste
  • 1 cup cream
  • 1/2 cup coconut cream
  • 1 tsp garam masala (This tastes different from and is slightly hotter than normal masala as it contains different ingredients and ratios of ingredients. You need to trust me that this is the masala you need for the dish so go find it at a spice market.)
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp chilli powder (optional, can be less or more)
  • 2 tots ground almonds
  • salt
  • honey
  • 2 tots chopped coriander leaves (dhania)


  1. Cut the chicken into bite-size chunks and mix in a marinating bowl with the yoghurt, masala spice and lemon juice. Cover and leave in the fridge to marinate for a few hours or overnight.
  2. Skewer the chicken pieces (make sosaties) and braai over hot coals until done. Don’t worry about the odd black spot of caramelised chicken appearing.
  3. In a cast-iron pot or fireproof pan lightly fry the garlic and ginger in a bit of oil or butter. If there is any leftover marinade, also add this.
  4. After 2 minutes add all the other ingredients except for the salt, honey and coriander leaves. Simmer the sauce for 15 minutes. While it is simmering, look at the sauce and taste it. If you want to, make the following adjustments:
    • Add salt if it needs more.
    • Make the sauce hotter by adding more chilli powder and/or sweeter by adding honey.
    • To make the colour of the sauce redder add extra paprika or to make it more yellow or orange add extra turmeric.
  5. When the sauce is to your liking, starts to thicken, and the chicken is braaied, remove the skewers and add the sauce to the chicken pieces. Stir in the dhania or coriander leaves and serve with basmati rice.


If you reckon you can multitask then you can obviously braai the chicken and cook the sauce concurrently.


All in one Chicken dish

4 portions
187 ml (¾ c) uncooked rice
8 chicken portions
7.5 ml (1½ t) chicken spices
black pepper to taste
salt to taste
some oil
250 g (1 packet) bacon, cubed

20 baby potatoes with skin, halved
12 small onions, halved
250 g (1 container) mushrooms, halved
820 g (2 x 410 g tin) chopped tomatoes

500 ml (2 c) boiled water
1 cube chicken stock
2.5 ml (½ t) dried parsley
10 ml (2 t) sugar
60 ml (4 T) chutney
1 ml salt
pinch of black pepper

Preheat oven to 180 °C.

1 Put uncooked rice in fairly deep greased baking dish of 36 cm x 24 cm.
2 Rub chicken spices, salt and pepper well into chicken portions.
3 Heat some oil in frying pan and fry chicken pieces till golden brown. Place on rice in baking dish.
4 Fry bacon in the same frying pan until cooked and place on rice and chicken in baking dish.
5 Vegetables Place potatoes, onions and mushrooms around and on chicken pieces.
6 Mix remaining ingredients in mixing bowl. Pour slowly over rice and chicken.
7 Cover baking dish with foil and bake for 75 minutes. Switch off and leave dish in warm oven for another 60 minutes with closed door to allow rice to swell out completely.
8 Serve warm.