Chicken a la King ~ Banting


½ Onion
2 Chicken Breasts
½ Red/Green Pepper
125g Mushrooms
250ml Cream
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 Tbsp. Butter
Served with a side of cauliflower-rice.

Cut the chicken breasts into strips, chop up the onions finely and slice the peppers and mushrooms thinly. Heat the butter in a pan and fry the onion until translucent. Add the red pepper and mushrooms and fry until soft. Add the chicken and salt and pepper and continue to fry on medium heat, until the chicken is cooked. Add the cream, and allow the food to simmer for about 5 minutes Season to taste.


Chocolate cream & mint swiss roll

(Makes 1 large cake)
4 extra large eggs, separated
125 ml castor sugar (105 g)
60 ml Snowflake self-raising flour (35 g)
60 ml cocoa powder (25 g)
castor sugar for rolling

Beat egg yolks and castor sugar until light and pale. Sift flour and cocoa powder and add to egg mixture, beating well. Beat egg whites until soft-peak stage and fold in with a metal spoon. Spread in a lined and greased 23 cm x 32 cm Swiss roll tin. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C for 10-12 minutes. Remove from oven and leave to cool slightly. Turn out onto a clean, dry tea towel sprinkled well with castor sugar. Trim edges to ensure rolling without breaking. Remove paper carefully and roll it up with the sugared cloth. Leave it for about 5 minutes, then unroll and leave it to cool further.

For filling: Beat cream and sugar until thickened. Spread over the Swiss roll and sprinkle peppermint crisp over it. Roll up.